Now in its third year, the highly successful CTEC brings the best of local, regional and international clean energy experience and expertise to the Cayman Islands. The event will now take place virtually on 19th November 2020.  Here are just some of the benefits you will get as a virtual attendee of CTEC 2020.

Cost savings: not only are our ticket prices considerably less to reflect the event being virtual, you will incur no travel or accommodation costs. This also means that it is much more cost-effective for your organisation to send several staff. Ticket prices are now a flat rate of US $300 which is a significant cost saving on previous ticket prices.

Ability to attend more sessions AND watch them back. Our state-of-the-art virtual events platform will allow you to not only fill your calendar with live-stream sessions and meetings, but it will also allow you to re-watch recorded sessions, ask questions real time and much more. Being a virtual attendee allows you to move seamlessly between networking rooms, the exhibition space and live seminars, without leaving your chair.

Ability to network and interact continually. Because CTEC 2020 will be virtual, you will have the opportunity to interact with colleagues continually throughout the day. Even during live-stream presentations; you can share insights and observations relevant to your business. Networking doesn’t have to stop when presentations begin and because the marketplace is now worldwide; you can make contacts from all over the world.

Spearheaded by the Cayman Renewable Energy Association (CREA) and supported by the Cayman Islands Government, CTEC affords its attendees extraordinary insight into the Cayman energy roadmap and unique access to public and private sector leaders. If you or your organisation is serious about clean energy in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean, we invite you to attend CTEC.

Ticket pricing is as follows:

Ticket price $300

To register please fill out the form below. #seeyouatCTEC