Louis Boucher

Louis Boucher
  • Deputy Executive Director - Energy & Utilities
  • Company: OfReg, Cayman Islands

Mr Boucher is responsible for regulating, licensing and monitoring electricity and water providers in the Cayman Islands.  He has regional and international experience in the evaluation of capital investment decisions and rate making in the utilities and power generation sectors.  He has led and managed the assessment of conventional and renewable energy projects from a technological, environmental and financial viability standpoint.

Mr Boucher is dedicated to ensuring safe, reliable, economic public utilities to businesses and the people of the Cayman Islands.  He is committed to promoting competition, innovation and the economic growth of power generation from alternative and renewable energy sources thereby diminishing the dependence and mitigating the price volatility of diesel fuel whilst reducing the islands’ carbon footprint.

Mr Boucher is a Professional Engineer and Chartered Professional Accountant specialising in Finance, Operations and Performance Management.